Monday, April 30, 2012

Greylands, Part 3: The Ripples

Maverick shut the door to the shop and leaned back with a grin. That poor girl had no idea what she’d just agreed to. Pops was a kind soul – somewhere under all his gruffness – and hopefully Damsel would get a chance to see it before she stabbed him with a lockpick. Which he wouldn’t put it past her to do.

He laughed and pushed away from the door, heading away from Pop’s shop.

By the grim expression on Firefly’s face earlier he thought it best to avoid her, so he turned away from the tent city and back towards the library. Jack was in no mood to be played with, either – Fletch had seen to that, the bastard. The smirk disappeared from Maverick’s face, replaced by a scowl. Jack had warned him to watch out for the worm, but had given no reason. Not that he really needed an excuse to stay away from Fletch, but he was curious. What was he planning? Maverick had seen his interest in Damsel – like a cat with its sights set on a mouse. Maybe he’d ask Mosh to keep an eye on the girl. Couldn’t hurt.

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