Monday, August 8, 2011

Writing Update

I feel like I've accomplished a great deal this week. Not only have I restructured my entire big fight scene that I've been struggling with since the first draft, but I also wrote the first chapter for book number 2 in the series! Yes, yes, I know I ought to do something with the first one before I start the second, but when inspiration hits, you just run with it.

I actually do have a few other projects in mind. One in particular that I'd like to run with, although I find the setting (and therefore any significant plot points) very intimidating. Generally I'm more of a dragons and fairies kind of girl, not space ship and aliens, but I've already fallen for my characters and I want to get to know them better. Not to mention the Beatles obsession of my Lead Character.

For now, though, I focus on this manuscript. My gut feeling is that after one more read-through on my part I should be ready to start submitting it. Then let the fun begin!

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