Thursday, March 15, 2012

Submission - Greylands, Part 1: Firefly

by Chelsea Miller

Firefly watched longingly as Mosh walked away with Alexis. She hated when he brought new girls to the Shadows. Pipsqueak nudged her from her gazing, “Are you forgetting something?” Firefly sighed and ripped off a wing from the bird she was roasting and handed it to him a little roughly.

“What has you so fired up?” Bull asked her with a suspicious look.

“Nothing.” A sideways glance to where Alexis and Mosh had disappeared gave her away.

“You got a thing for the new girl or somethin’?” he joked and leaned his shoulder into hers with a chuckle. Fly growled and shoved him back.

“Don’t be stupid, Bull.” Her face reddened, lips a tight line. Pipsqueak sputtered a laugh, bits of meat flying from his mouth.

“I get it, she likes Mosh!” Pipsqueak said after swallowing the escaping food. Bull rolled his eyes, “Thanks for coming out, Squeak.”

Firefly bristled and peeled some of the bird meat into her hand. She stood suddenly and strode away from the boys, as they burst into laughter behind her. Tears threatened as she pulled back the curtain that acted as a door to her room.


Not everything has to be dark in the Shadows ;) Thanks to Chelsea for her lovely submission! 

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  1. Happy to oblige, this is a really fun project Kris! Can't wait for part 2!

  2. This weaving threads together from different writers is clever, and with the right input and editing you could even get something to release at the end. Nice characterisation.

  3. Y'never know TJ. Now that the novella's out and ready to be sold (which I highly endorse to anyone reading this comment!!), think you'll be inspired to contribute? ;)

  4. Maybe Krista, at the moment I have absolutely no idea what's going to grab me to write next. I wasn't planning on doing anything remotely like my novella when it came along...

  5. Am enjoying this a lot. Great concept!