Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Sally Wagner"

For today's character profile, I'm introducing a bubbly and fun woman who also knows how to explore the darker side of magic. Due to her relationship with Katerina, she has requested that her name not be posted here so out of respect for her--

Sally: Yeah it's because I'm a snitch.

Me: Ah, Sally, welcome.

Sally: My name isn't Sally. Trust me, I wish it were.

Me: No, you asked that...

Sally: Oh, right. Really? You went with Sally?

Me: Anyway. Thank you very much for volunteering to answer a few questions. Shall we get started? Why don't you start by telling me a little about yourself?

Sally: Big question. Do you have a couple of hours? I grew up in Queens with my hippie parents and an older sister. I went to school at--

Me: How about just what you're up to these days?

Sally: Well, I'm twenty-six years old, single (you're real cute by the way) and I run a very successful occult shop. I'm not one to brag, but  I mean very successful. Spread the word, it's located--

Me: Sorry to interrupt, but you did emphasise the importance of keeping your head down. Can you tell us why that is?

Sally: Like I said, I'm a snitch. I like that word, ya know? It makes me sound like a character in a gangster film.

Me: Is that who you snitch for? The mob?

Sally: Gods no! What do you take me for, an idiot? I work for Kat.

Me: How do you know Katerina?

Sally: Fun story! Mind if I smoke? [she lights a cigarette and inhales deeply] She tried to kill me once. Yeah, it was a few years ago, I got mixed up with the really nasty crowd, and even though she, ya know, executed everyone else, she let me live in exchange for being her ear in the underground. I still have a lot of contacts that don't really want to be noticed. Especially by Kat.

Me: She has a reputation in those groups, does she?

Sally: You don't get her mad, no siree. She will destroy you. Literally.

Me: So what did crowd did you run with that turned her attention onto you? You must feel pretty lucky to have got on her good side?

Sally: Good side? Honey, Kat doesn't have a good side. I just lucked out and ran into her on a less violent day. As for what I did...probably best if I don't mention it. Don't want to summon the wrath of our dear sorceress.

Me: Thank you so much for meeting with me, Sally. I can't wait to see you in action in Playing with Fire.

Sally: Oh you'll see me all right. I'll be the one in the red silk nightie [she winks]

"Sally Wagner" is an off-the-wall character to write. An artificial blonde who definitely knows how to have fun, she's very high-energy and full to the brim with bad habits. Conversations I have with her always cheer me up and if I'd let her, this Q&A could have become an 18-parter.

I can't wait for you to meet her, but until then please keep this quiet. We don't want her getting into trouble.


  1. You should have let her go on. I want moar Sally! Does she always work in lingerie or only when characters from a book are going to drop by?

  2. Knowing "Sally", she would do everything in her lingerie :P She does, however, spend much of her time in full day-wear.