Daughter of Time

"History is the daughter of time." - Lucien Febvre

Why choose this particular quotation, you may wonder? I came across this line at a time when developing the idea for the series and I realised how perfectly it matched the structure I hoped to develop.

This story is told in first person by a woman named Katerina, an immortal sorceress trained in the magic-using village of Palonia in Northern England almost 900 years ago.

With a character such as Katerina, how could I limit my story? She has experienced so much, met so many other interesting people, it would have been silly only to show where she is today and not show what brought her here.

Once I realised this, my structure was clear. Each novel is told in a parallel structure, with the present being explained, followed, matched, by something that has happened to her in the past. The people she's met that have shaped her life, the battles she's fought, it will all be covered in one time or another.

Book One: Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire is the first in what I have loosely planned as a 5-book series (but I'm not limiting myself!). I completed the first draft between January and April 2011, and since then I've been pestering my wonderful beta readers with draft after draft, and as of September it was ready to send out. So far no success, but I am far from discouraged because I do believe that PwF is a great story, lots of fun and, well, fire. 

Her bio: She began as a witch in a Harry Potter fanfiction I wrote when I was about seventeen. Two years ago, she returned as a full-fledged sorceress in two True Blood fanfictions. The sorceress of those last are the real foundation behind Kat Palon is today.

Book Two: Bitter Cold

"Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet (Kill them all, God will know His own)." - Arnold Amaury, Abbott of Citeaux

Update December 7, 2011: I must say the novel is coming along well. In some ways it's going slower than I would have hoped, but it turns out there's a lot of complexities when doing research and making sure travel times across France in the early 1200s are accurate. I'm nearly half-way through the story and am aiming for end February to be finished.

Update February 6, 2012: A bit of a delayed update, I'm afraid. The fact of the matter is that draft one was finished by New Years, which had become my goal around the first week of December. I'm not in the wonderfully fun stage of editing. Recently rewrote most of my first chapter - to the benefit, I believe. My hope is to be done editing the first draft by the end of the month (lots of other projects on the go). Still sending out queries for PwF, so I feel like I have a bit of time to play around with with one.


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