Friday, March 30, 2012

Muffy Morrigan's The Sail Weaver: Release Day!

I last chatted with Muffy about her Custodes Noctis series back in October (read the interview here), but now she's back with a new announcement! 

Muffy!!! *waves* hi! It’s great to have you back here for a bit of a chat. I know you’ve been busy, I’ve been following your convention exploits with your amazing costumes and even more amazing book stalls. Did you want to talk about your convention presence a little bit? Let people know where they can find you! Weren’t you in Denmark recently?

I love the conventions, it’s a real opportunity to mix and mingle with just about everyone in the science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk… well you name it, they are there. It really gives me a chance to talk to people about what they love about the genres they read, why they are fans and what keeps them coming back. In fact, I am off to Norwescon April 5-9 in Seattle. I’m really excited about this one because it’s the cons that is launching my new book The Sail Weaver.

I was just in Denmark. It was my third trip in fact. I was there not only for research, but for a bit more ink on my left arm and the chance to visit many bog bodies, stone circles and pastries.

You recently had The Summoning released, a Custodes Noctis novella – how’s the gang doing now? More shenanigans in the works? Flash behaving himself?

The gang has been busy, in fact they are part of the reason I was in Denmark. The next book in the series, The Berserkers, will take place partially in Denmark and I was looking at the various sites in that country to use them in my book. Flash of course is in love with the idea of going to a country that makes Mead.

But the reason you’re here is (very exciting), because you have a new book coming out! Tell us a bit about Sail Weaver. 

  The Sail Weaver is one of those things that has been stewing in bits and pieces for years. All those bits came together in this book. It’s a blending of science fiction and fantasy with a few other ingredients in the stew as well. It brings combines my love of the genres with my passion for tall ships. Yes, I know that seems an unlikely combination.

The story itself focuses on Tristan Weaver and the launch of the ship the Winged Victory. When he is asked to weave the sails for the ship he has no idea of how involved he is going to become with the ship. With his friend, Lokey Fenfyr, the dragon, he ships out on the Winged Victory for her first trip. What happens after that could upset the balance of the galaxy.

 I had the pleasure of reading the first chapter in preparation for this interview and I already want to read the rest. Did you want to share a bit about how it starts?

The story begins when Tristan, Master Weaver, is first asked to create sails for the ship the Winged Victory a ship like no other. He comes close to refusing until the dragons step forward and ask him to be involved in the project as well.

What inspired the story?

As I said bits and pieces have been floating around for years—a short story here and there, but always just one piece. Then a couple of years ago I saw a challenge to combine the elements of classic science fiction—the future, aliens, space ships, space stations—with classic fantasy—magic, dragons, wizards and I added my love of tall ships and The Sail Weaver was born.

Like Custodes Noctis is this a series you have planned?

I certainly hope so. I have fallen a bit in love with Tristan and his world and I want to return and write there many times.

Any characters we should be watching out for in this novel? In other words, anyone Flash should be jealous of for hogging some attention?

The character that surprised me the most was Riggan. I’m not sure Flash is in danger, but I know that as I wrote I was continually surprised by Riggan.

Finally: the details of its release! Where can people find it?

It’s available today!!!! It can be found on Amazon and other internet retailers and on Kindle—the Kindle version is $3.99.


When I sent Muffy the questions, I'd only read the first chapter - I'm now a couple of chapters in and the story is really fascinating. I`m really enjoying it!


  1. A nice interview Krista and a great ad for Muffy. It sounds like a very complex piece to weave all the elements into. Best of luck with it.

  2. Excellent interview, as always. :) And the cover to Sail Weaver is phenomonal! Sounds like a book I'll want to add to my (ever growing) TBR list.

  3. The Sail Weaver looks very interesting. And I agree with Kathi about the

  4. Nicely done, both. I've not tried it yet, but I quite like the idea of genre mashing. Done well it can lead to some remarkable worlds and characters. Done poorly... well, something like a sticky mess probably awaits.

    From what I've read, it sounds like The Sail Weaver pulls off this tricky feat rather nicely.

  5. Loved this interview! Always nice to get insight into another author's world.