Friday, July 29, 2011

And I'm Back

It turns out that travelling works not only for getting ideas, but for working out old ones. I managed to sit down and edit my full draft on the flights there and back, so I can honestly say it was a productive trip. I've assigned two more edits to myself before I'll accept it ready for submission, but I think it's coming along. I'm really proud of it, anyway. Most of it. No matter how many times I go through it, I know I'll find more and more things that I want changed, but on the whole I'm happy.

Did I find my inspiration there? Oh did I! There's nothing like sitting in French cafés in medieval towns to get ideas for story lines set 600 years ago. There's something about old cathedrals that get the brain moving. The chime of bells for 6:00 mass, the tourists milling around with their cameras (yes, that was me, too), the quality of the architecture - layers and layers of carved stone and marble statues. It's breathtaking. It gets confusing though, travelling from city to city and having all the old cathedrals called Notre Dame. Remembering which one was in which place can be tricky!

Although thinking of that French makes me want to reassess my dream writing location from a couple posts ago. Sitting outside under a nice canopy (keep that nasty sun off me!), appreciating the lifestyle there, sitting back with un coupe de crémant de l'Alsace - I think that would work too.

Now that I am back, however, expect a few more posts over the next few months as I move into the next stages of submission and coping with rejection. And who knows!! Maybe even...dare I say it? Acceptance?!

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