Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Start

Hello to all who may happen to pass by and read this! Welcome to my brain.

Originally I had posted a few segments of a book I was trying to publish, but I've decided that was a silly idea and hope to write instead about the process of writing, editing, attempting to get published, etc. For any of you who may be trying it, you'll know it's not always fun, not always easy, and usually more a kick to the gut than anything else, but we do it because we love it, because - for some of us - it's all we really know how to do .

I've been writing stories since I was six years old. I have three one-page horror stories that I wrote back then, still have, and strongly believe are the best things I've ever written. I have two completed manuscripts tucked away in my filing cabinet, and a plethora of short stories, fan fictions, and hilarious anecdotes that I go back to from time to time for inspiration (and to remind myself that I'm actually pretty darn good at this whole writing thing).

My attempt to get my last manuscript "The Fenwith Trials" published has so far ended in nothing, but I've not lost hope. I have, however, moved onto a new project for the time being, which is currently in the stage of editing. The process frustrating, it's invigorating and motivating, it's heart-wrenching and ego-pummelling, but after each re-write, addition and deletion, I know that my story is one step closer to being stronger.

Even if no one reads these words, it's a good reminder for myself of everything I go through to get where I want to be, and a reminder of why I do it!


  1. Good Luck! Writing is a passion and a way of life. I know you can do it! And maybe.. just maybe I'll find a muse and get back into writing myself :D

  2. Yay, you're back! Don't give up on the Fenwith Trials, I'm sure someone will eventually publish it :)