Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I recently managed to corner Barret to try to learn more about him and while I had really hoped to share his Q&A with everyone, the whole conversation consisted of the following.

Q: So, Barret, can you tell me about yourself?

Q: You're from Germany, isn't that right?
A: Yes.

Q: And you were a part of the German federal police for a number of years before you met Adrian, where you had earned an impressive reputation. What can you tell us about that experience?
A: Yes.

And so it continued. Instead of Barret telling you in his own words, of which he is a man of few, allow me to enlighten you on his character.

Barret is a man of unknown first names. He was indeed a sergeant in the German federal police and, therefore, is trained to be strict, disciplined and terrifying. He is very tall. And wide. And tends to loom over everything in his path, which is very useful for Katerina, who is about the height of a pre-teen. He also has a sweet tooth.

Barret is the thrall of a thousand year old vampire, and old friend of Kat's, named Adrian. By chance Adrian was there to save Barret's life in a moment of crisis, and in return for future protection from magical influence and supernatural villains, Barret has sworn his allegiance to the vampire and now heads his household security.

He and Kat are not the best of friends, both of them stubborn, and mistrustful of others' abilities. Thrown together into the mystery that is Playing with Fire, they have to learn how to deal with each other, or perish of animosity.

Most people who've read all or part of my various drafts really enjoy Barret's character. I don't blame them! He's a blast to write even if he says all of 150 words throughout the book. The tension between him and Kat is just one of the many conflicts, but it's one that (I hope) draws out a chuckle in my readers from time to time.

Questions for Barret? Feel free to ask, but don't expect an answer...


  1. Love the interview your own character concept. Very clever!

  2. Thanks Devin! I just realised my characters have more to say than just what's in the plot. Their lives continue when they're not on the page ;)

  3. Oh I really like him I like the tall mysterious types!