Monday, September 19, 2011

The Dreaded "WB"

Some writers strongly believe that writer's block doesn't exist. I'm not about to start arguing this point, but I can say that for the last few weeks my brain turns to static whenever I try to get creative, like snow on a bad TV channel, or a weak radio frequency.

Fortunately this time around I know the cause of it, and it's the same problem I had throughout my four years of university: I find it very difficult to switch my brain from analytical to creative. My default setting is creative, something my more logical friends find frustrating. Once the writing is done and I begin the editing phase, there's a huge overhaul to change my thinking, but I move in that direction easily enough. The trouble seems to come when I need to switch back.

So far there is only one solution I've been able to find: push through. For the last four days I've made myself sit down and stab away at the keyboard to create words. I string those words together into a vaguely coherent combination, and then I throw in some punctuation and move on to the next sentence.

For now, I don't care about the quality (and I don't know if I'm a fair judge. In my mind, it's very choppy and disjointed, but based on a beta comment, it's just as good as the rest...and hopefully that's a good thing?), it's just about getting the words out and letting my creative side get back in the game.

It's the best advice I can give anyone in this position. Don't sit around and expect the inspiration to come back to you in a great revelation. You can try it that way if you want, but if you're serious about writing as a career then you have to work at it. Persevere!

In the meantime, however, I also indulge in comfort food and warm blankets, because it's difficult, and frustrating and can make life a temporarily grey and bleak place. *sniff*


  1. Great advice! I've recently been struck by the dreaded curse too, so I needed to hear this today.

  2. It's brutal, but we'll pull through!
    Nice when you find a good writer's forum to help you.... ;)

  3. Very true - it can be soo tough though, sigh! ...