Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good luck!

It seems I've come down with a touch of the flu. It's wonderful actually. We've become very close friends. On the downside, I'm a bit out of it for a full blog post.

BUT I do want to send a huuuuuuuuge vote of confidence to all writers participating in Nanowrimo2011.

Not sure what it is, but intrigued by how fun it is to say? It stands for National Novel Writing Month. Just as it sounds: over November, the goal is to write an entire novel. No pressure.

I haven't participated yet, but many of my friends are this year. My role will be to do my best to offer support, indulge them with coffee and chocolate to help them maintain some degree of sanity, and be there to listen to their wails of frustration.

Honestly, it's a great challenge, and ultimately it's meant to be fun. Sound like something you'd be interested in? There's always next year - and I encourage you to try!


And the post isn't over yet! The beginning of November also means a new flash fiction contest at Devin O'Branagan's forum. This month's prompt: dark angel.  Check it out and submit a story OR if you're more the reading type, check it out on November 16 to read all the entries and vote!

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