Thursday, December 29, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

Ever realise how the lyrics to that song/poem  don't really make sense? Oh, Robbie Burns.

How is it already the end of the year? It seems like I was just going through this process a few months ago - making a list of everything I've accomplished, things I wish I'd done, and hope to do next year. Some years that can be a pretty depressing list, but this year I've done enough to impress even myself. I've moved, changed jobs, sent out queries, received rejections, went to Europe, met loads of new friends, entered a few flash fictions contests, and written (almost) two novels.

So, Krista, how is the book coming along? Still think you'll finish before 2012? *snicker*
In your face Doubting Me - YES! It will be close, but doable. I'm sitting comfortable around 102 000 words now (roughly 14 000 words from here I was last Thursday), and only about 3 more chapters to write in as many days. It may mean I'm a bit late for some New Year's Eve plans, but I'm determined that the choir of victory will be singing come midnight.

Then what will the new year bring? Hopefully lots of exciting news. I'm submitting to a few anthologies in the next month or so, going on lots more trips, and picking up The Fenwith Trials after a year's hiatus. That will be my big goal. Even if I have to tear it to pieces and start from scratch, I'm going to finish that blasted novel. And maybe write another "Daughter of Time" somewhere along the way.

How about everyone else? Lots of resolutions planned? To all who do, I wish you the best of luck in keeping them and the determination to see them through. For those of you who don't...better come up with something. A whole new year ahead = big blank page. Make it worthwhile!

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  1. You've done really well, Krista. Writing two novels amongst all the changes you've had to hurdle is very impressive. I admire your spirit, and wish you an equally productive 2012!